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Keenon Krick

Chief Executive Officer​

Stacy Craft

Executive Assistant

Jessica Vaughan

Director of Development and Communications

Dalia Hernandez-Fernandez

Fund Development Manager

Nic Padilla

Corporate Relations Manager

Kirsten Salas

Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Melissa Mays

Agency Relations Manager

Alberto Fernandez

Nutrition Education Manager

Mack Braillard

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Pellizzari

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Angela King

Inventory Specialist

Jenny Correa

Administrative Assistant

Juan Osuna

Director of Operations

Melanie Gamez

Warehouse Manager / Food Sourcer

Marcus Strickland

Warehouse Manager

Manuel Arechiga

Driver / Warehouse

Tyler Nisbet

Driver / Warehouse

Mike Killian

Class A Driver / Warehouse

Loryn Openshaw

Mobile Fresh / Class A Driver

Jason Ciara

Class A Driver / Warehouse

Chuck Kennedy

Delivery Driver

John Olague

Warehouse Manager

Nathan Ramirez

Program Specialist / Warehouse

Lila Vanmiddendorp

Agency Specialist / Warehouse

Rob Mays

Driver / Warehouse

Ulysses Mendez


Mark Steward

Ordering Specialist / Warehouse