Food Drive Fundraising



Let us know what you are doing

Detailed Instructions
  • We ask that you please contact us prior to the start of your funds drive, we want to ensure that it runs smoothly and that you have the support you need.
  • You can also call Heather Elkins at 209-239-2091 or email
  • We have a printable flyers that we can provide to you at your request with some of the most common and highly requested items that the Food Bank needs.


Host Your Funds Drive


Arrange Transportation

Detailed Instructions
  • Please allow 1 week prior to and 1 week after your funds drive date for delivery of barrels and pickup of product.
  • We will provide a final weight for you at the end of the drive. If you need separate weights because you did a competition please let us know ahead of time so we can inform the drivers.
  • We do allow you to pick up and drop off the barrels and envelopes for your food and funds drive directly from us, all we ask is that you give us 24 hours notice so that our warehouse has time to pull the necessary amount of barrels down and prepare them.
  • If you find that you do need us to come and pick up the items from you please email Kobe Salas at with the following information:
    1. A Contact Name, Phone Number and Email Address. Please also provide an alternate contact in case you will be out of the office
    2. Address of pick up site, with nearest cross streets and any other pertinent information
    3. Any special directions that will help the driver easily locate the food
    4. How much food is being picked up, please provide a number of barrels and boxes to better help us determine what type of vehicle to bring.
    5. What your hours of operation are that we may come and pick up the food, you may also include if there is a specific time that you would like.
    6. Please let us know if there is monetary donations to be picked up, otherwise our drivers will not know to ask for them. If there are monetary donations we ask that you please secure them in a sealed envelope with the amount on the front for safe transport.


Other Ways to Help