Farm to Family Program


Second Harvest of the Greater Valley is proud to participate in the Farm to Families produce cooperative which allows us to provide fresh produce to individuals and families. Many times those that struggle with food insecurity have to forgo fresh produce as they make tough choices at the grocery store.

The program was developed by the California Association of Food Banks to help fill the nutritional void that comes from eating shelf-stable foods. Forming lasting partnerships Food Banks have access to over 200 million pounds of fresh produce. Second Harvest’s participation in Farm to Family has given us a solid nutritional foundation for our vital programs that serve families, seniors, and youth.

family food program

Farm to Families Program Seeing an Expansion

2020 has seen a a rise in food insecurity causing a 73% spike in demand at state food banks while at the same time our farms are seeing a 50% reduction in demand.

Farm to Families Program
Helping Families Across the State

The Farm to Family program typically provides about 160 million pounds of produce a year to households across the state. As of April 2020, the program currently has 128 farmers and ranchers providing food to 41 food banks in 58 counties in California. Our food bank is one of those. The State now as a goal to provide an additional 20 million pounds of produce, poultry, dairy and other goods to these organizations each month.