Empty Bowls Access

Empty Bowls “Access” is Here!!!

Amidst the prosperity of our region, it is a sobering reality that food insecurity continues to challenge the health and stability of many in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties. With over 15% of our population, including one in five children, facing uncertainty about their next meal, the work we do at Second Harvest of the Greater Valley is critical. Every day, we stand on the front lines fighting hunger, striving to turn statistics into stories of survival and hope.

This year, we are raising $110,000 for the purchase of two electric forklifts. This initiative is more than a capital expenditure—it is a calculated investment in efficiency that will multiply our outreach capacity manifold. By investing in this equipment, we will unlock an estimated $150,000 over the next five years, by freeing up what we would spend on a monthly payment. These funds will be redirected towards purchasing and distributing nutritionally rich, culturally appropriate food.

This campaign represents a pivot towards greater efficiency and effectiveness in our mission. We invite you to join us at the forefront of this transformative journey. Your support will not just be felt today but will resonate throughout the community for years to come. Together, we can shorten the distance between hope and food.

Our event will be held September 14th, 2024 at the MRPS Hall from 10am-1pm. 133 N Grant Ave., Manteca CA 95337.