Food Bank Donations

Donate to Our Food Bank in Manteca, CA

For every $1 you donate, Second Harvest of the Greater Valley is able to purchase $5 worth of food. Think of it this way, a $25 donation is $125 worth of food and is enough to feed a family of four. Second Harvest of the Greater Valley serves over 30,000 people a month, including families, seniors and children. Every dollar makes a difference!

You can mail donations to:
P.O. Box 4039
Manteca, CA 95337

Other ways to donate

Planned Giving

Looking for more ways to donate? We have partnered with FREEWILL.COM to help make your future donations easy to complete. Click below and learn how!


Yes! We accept food donations from distributors and individuals. Food cannot be expired or out of date. It must have a label with ingredients and nutrition information displayed. For large donations please notify Second Harvest at 209-239-2091. If you are bringing in a food donation they are accepted between the hours of 8am and 4pm.


Giving the gift of your time is priceless! For information about volunteering, please visit our volunteer information page.​


Have you thought about donating your car to charity? You can now support Second Harvest Food Bank by donating your car today. We make the car donation process easy by using InterActiv Remarketing.
Your car donation helps to support the programs and services of the Second Harvest of the Greater Valley.

There is absolutely no cost to you, and it can be a tax deduction!

For more information and/or to donate your car to the Second Harvest of the Greater Valley, visit or call InterActiv Remarketing at 1-800-484-4125.